“No one is free until we are all free.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


The Gym for the Mind

The first anonymous in-person safe space for men to talk and connect. The HUMEN Space is practical, preventative and plain speaking. No lingo or prescriptive advice. One hour sessions where men get together to talk honestly in a confidential space without risk of judgement or ridicule.

Attend a session at our space in Baker Street, London

We are all human and we all need to talk. That's where The HUMEN Space comes in.

Every session focuses on a single topic or theme (purpose, courage, fear, drive, regret, success, grief, hope).

A speaker shares their story based around the theme at the start of the session. The floor is then opened up for guys to share what they related to or whatever is going on for them. This is the place to regularly release whatever is on your mind.

Research has shown that practicing empathy in this way builds inner strength and enhances wellbeing over time. People with strong human connections also recover faster from sickness, have a greater life expectancy and better relationships.

Witnessing universal commonalities and experiencing the benefits of talking firsthand will enable you to build emotional capacities that men have long been taught to discard. A workout is more than how far you run or how much you can lift. Don’t neglect the inner workout.

This is your Gym for the Mind.