“There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. ”

– Desmond Tutu

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Stop Searching For How To Be A Better Person Everyday

75% of all suicides in the UK are men.

Men are constantly told to ‘man up’, keep their emotions buried and that they need to do more to provide for families, colleagues and friends. They need to be good at sports, have a thriving career and a wide social circle.

When it feels like society is constantly telling you that you’re not good enough, you start searching for how to be a better person every day.

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6 Ways We Can Combat Overthinking Together

We’ve all been there. Stuck in our heads, allowing the same thoughts and worries to replay over and over again. We relive conversations and play out alternative endings. It is a huge drain on our mental health and can get to a level where it triggers anxiety, PTSD, depression and even borderline personality disorder.

Trying to combat overthinking takes practice and patience, but can save lives.

How Do I Know If It’s Normal?

The horrible thing is that you can often mistake it for problem-solving. Constantly asking questions, trying to figure out why or what if. The difference between the two is that one is actually trying to find an answer.

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Ways To Support Your Loved Ones & Things That Make Depression Worse

Poor mental health can be a difficult thing to deal with for both the person experiencing it and for their loved ones. Sometimes people don’t know what to say or do to help, and they end up saying things that make depression worse.

Men in particular can find it hard to talk about what they are feeling and often won’t want to talk at all. It is important we make it clear that no judgement is being passed and that they have the choice between us offering solutions or simply just listening.

We know it can be hard to reassure people in a negative mindset and so we are going to discuss some of the best ways to support someone who is struggling in the hopes that the men in your life feel they can open up.

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Workplace Wellbeing: How Many Mental Health Days Are Too Many?

Workplace wellbeing is a hot topic right now. With stress, anxiety and depression being some of the leading causes of absenteeism, many employers are starting to ask themselves how many mental health days are too many?

The answer, quite frankly, is that there is no such thing as taking too many days to better your wellbeing.

Employers are going to have to realise that they can also benefit from allowing employees to take time off. It’s becoming clear that businesses should be encouraging this type of behaviour rather than stigmatising it.

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