We’re pushing for a future where all you’re defined by is your humanity. Moving beyond the damaging, false and limiting notions of what it means to be a man, or a lad, or a bloke.

Where inner fitness is valued as much as outer, creating a better world for everyone.

We share stories via face-to-face exchanges and through the power of film, reestablishing human connection a story at a time.

We’re lighting a better way forward, and together can change the course of a generation.

You are human. I am human. We are HUMEN.

The HUMEN Space

The gym for the mind. The first of its kind.

THE HUMEN SPACE is all about mutual aid. ‘Self help’ is all well and good, but in a complex and baffling world we’re nothing without each other. Self-help says, ‘I can do it,’ whereas mutual aid says, ‘We can do it.’ Sometimes we all feel down, alone or just in need to decompress from the noise of the day for an hour - a boost for the brain.

That's when THE HUMEN SPACE can carry the day.

One hour sessions that focus on a single topic or theme per session (purpose, motivation, fear, hope, regret, drive, success, failure). A speaker shares a story based around the theme at the start of the session, the floor is then opened up for members to share what they related to or their relation to the theme. Research has shown that practicing empathy in this way builds inner strength and enhances wellbeing over time - think of it as the gym for the mind.

A workout is more than how far you run, or how many bench presses and curls you can do. Don’t neglect the inner workout.